Christian Pakistani couple granted asylum in UK

According to the Christian Telegraph, a Christian Pakistani man and his Christian wife who used to be Muslim have been granted asylum in the UK.  Lawyers for the couple argued their case before the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal in the UK, urging the Tribunal to allow the couple, who were persecuted in Pakistan, to remain in the UK because their lives would be in danger if they returned to their native homeland.

Big BenPakistan is neutral regarding religious conversions, but converting to Christianity places those Christians under the blasphemy laws which allow for converts to be beaten or murdered.  The husband and wife tried unsuccessfully several times to flee Pakistan, where the woman’s family persecuted them.  They were attacked and held captive in the house of the woman’s uncle for months.  During their captivity the uncle repeatedly beat them, tried to force them to deny the Christian faith, and brought in a Muslim cleric to forcibly indoctrinate them.  Eventually, they made it out of Pakistan by receiving a visa to travel to the UK and applied for asylum when they arrived.  When UK’s Border Agency denied them asylum, they appealed the decision.

The couple were represented by the European Centre for Law & Justice (ECLJ), the European arm of the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ).  Jay Sekulow of the ACLJ is quoted as saying, “At a time when so many Christian converts face real persecution-including the threat of death – it’s encouraging that this couple can now stay in the U.K. We’re delighted we were able to provide assistance in this very important case.”

london eyeHopefully, the couple will be safe in the UK.  In recent decades the Muslim population there has skyrocketed and the UK government has made many concessions to Muslim clerics like allowing sharia courts to be established.  If someone in Pakistan issued a fatwa against the couple (God forbid), it would’nt be difficult for a Muslim in the UK to carry it out.  I pray that the Lord will be a hedge of protection around them.

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–

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  1. Dear sir i want to study holy bible in uk. help me to study holy bible…..because many muslims ask questions about bible….your brother irfan maseeh


  2. irfan,

    there are a whole lot of online bible studies you can look at to help you if you can’t find anyone in your area who is a genuine believer in Jesus Christ to study the bible with. you can try these three websites

    since i’m not in the uk, if you have questions that you need answers to that you can’t find at these websites, you can email the questions to me by submitting a comment at this blog.


  3. Dear Harry, My parents were Muslims and they accepted Jesus and thus became Christians. We were since then going through persecutions and have been literally hiding and living life without any one knowing our where abouts. But now i need to live like a man, no more hiding, i want to propagate what i am preaching, I am afraid i would be murdered, if i excercize my freedom of speech, I wish to seek assylum in some other country, How can i do that sir, Once i reach there i wish to take my parents there too, Please help me.


    1. Paul, I’m not familiar with the details of how to leave your country to go to the country of your choice. I don’t know if it’s possible for you to apply for a visa or passport where you are so you can travel away from where you are. Some people who ask for asylum run to the embassy of the nation they want to flee to if their nation has such an embassy. Still others who want to flee their country seek help from certain organizations that do that sort of thing. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.


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