Of divinations and the damned: Halloween’s deceit

Samhain (pronounced sow-in or sah-ween, meaning “summer’s end”) began as a Celtic celebration centuries ago to commemorate the end of their old year and the beginning of a new one.  The various rituals on this night were led by the Druids who were the priest class of the Celts.  During this time of the year, all livestock were brought in from the summer pastures.  Celts believed October 31 (which, of course, was not called October back then) was the night when the world of the living and the dead were not separated.  It was believed the dead came back to walk the earth to either bless the living or wreak havoc in their lives, depending on what steps the living took to appease the dead.

The main god and goddess commemorated during this pagan festival were Bronach, the goddess of Samhain rituals, and Crom Cruaich, the god of harvest, death, and contact with the dead (necromancy).  When the Romans conquered the Celts, they added to some of the heathen rituals of Samhain and when the Roman Empire became Roman Catholic, the season was renamed Hallowmas to celebrate “All Hallows’/Saints’ Eve” (Oct. 31, later renamed Halloween), “All Saints’ Day” (Nov. 1) and “All Souls’ Day” (Nov. 2).  Here are some of the pagan beliefs and rituals celebrated during the Halloween season contrasted to the truth of God’s word:

  • Divination.  To the Celts, time was circular, not linear.  That being the case, they considered this season the best time of the year to look into what the future held for marriage, health, and the weather.  Bobbing for apples is a marriage divination ritual.  Peeling an apple was a divination ritual for determining how long a person would live.  Other forms of divination are encouraged, like palm reading, tarot cards, crystal balls, and tea leaves.  Pagans and Satanists still participate in these rituals today and Halloween is one of their high holy days when participation is most common.  It is during Samhain that powers of divination are believed to be heightened, so pagans will seek out psychics or if they are psychic they seek to strengthen their power.
  • The Lord said to Jeremiah, The prophets prophesy lies…they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart.  Jeremiah 14:14
  • Lighting candles, jack-o-lanterns, communicating with and leaving food for the dead (necromancy).  This is done as a way of being nice to the spirits to light their way when walking among the living so they will be nice to the living who have lit their candles.  Contacting the dead through mediums and ouija boards in seances to find out what the dead want and feeding them are ways to appease, or treat, them as opposed to being tricked with an evil prank from them.
  • Jehovah said, There shall not be found among you … a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.  For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive [the heathens] out from before thee.  Deuteronomy 18:10-12
  • Reincarnation.  Pagans believe Samhain is the time where human souls in animals are released to appear in new bodily forms.  This is why there are witches or other heathens who support groups like PETA and are staunch environmentalists who refer to “Mother Earth” or “Mother Nature.”  In their minds, animals are equal to humans and everything is a god of some sort and a god is in everything or everyone.
  • The Bible clearly states a person has only one life to live (Hebrews 9:27).  In Paul’s explanation of Christian resurrection in 1 Corinthians 15, he explains that only Christians will come back to life in a bodily form, and that bodily form is no way like an animal or any other form except a spiritual body which is like Christ’s resurrected body.
  • Human sacrifices.  Modern pagans try to sanitize what Druids did in ancient times by denying they sacrificed humans, but Julius Caesar and some historians refer to the sacrifice of humans by Celts.  Samhain was one of the main festivals where human sacrifices were made.  They lit bonfires, a word created from bones (referring to human bones) and fire.  Archaeologists have even dug up mummies in the peat bogs of Ireland that prove humans were sacrificed.  Human sacrifices have been rumored or stated to occur among modern black witches and Satanists by those who have defected from such groups.  Among such rituals is the act of vampirism.
  • Throughout the Old Testament, God expressed his anger for those who made their children “pass through the fire” to be sacrificed for false gods.  He also repeatedly told Israelites not to ingest blood (Leviticus 3:17, 7:27, Deuteronomy 12:23, Psalm 16:4).

Many churches have done away with celebrating Halloween, thank God.  However, some of the more liberal ones still embrace it as being harmless–to their own spiritual detriment.  

Learn not the way of the heathen… For the customs of the people are vain …  Jeremiah 10:2, 3

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11 thoughts on “Of divinations and the damned: Halloween’s deceit

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  1. How many human lives do you suppose have been sacrificed in the names of Yahweh/Adonai and Jesus Christ? How many wars have been found by people who feel that their belief system is the one true way, and that all others are infidels/heathens/pagans? It is still going on across the world today. If the Druids did sacrifice humans (and I don’t feel that is definitively proven), those numbers pale in comparison to the multitudes who have lost their lives to Holy Roman Emperors, popes, crusaders, witch hunters, Inquisitors and other agents of the Church.

    And lumping pagans together with Satanists is false research. Pagans do not believe in Satan, so the two groups have nothing in common. The Devil was invented by the Jews and Christians to keep their people in fear of eternal damnation. As long as the threat of sin and Hell hang over your heads, the church’s sheep will stay in the pasture, won’t you?


  2. Roman Catholicism isn’t Christian. It’s paganism dressed up to look like Christianity. There are practicing witches and Satanists active in Roman Catholic churches even though they claim to be different. Satanism and paganism/wicca are two separate belief systems, but they share some of the same holidays. Coincidence? I think not. Satan is real and even though the pagans or wiccans claim he doesn’t exist this doesn’t change the fact that he does exist. Satan is the true god behind all religions that aren’t genuine Christianity. Deceiving people is how he gets them to follow him. He presents himself differently for all of his different religions to suit the beliefs of those who don’t want to follow the one true God, Yahweh.


  3. Harry, if you can prove scientifically and conclusively that Satan exists – WITHOUT using circular reasoning (i.e. “Satan exists because I believe he exists”) – then you will actually have some valid points. However until that day comes, everything in your comment above and most of what appears on your site is nothing more than self-righteous, delusional conjecture.

    People like you are why Christianity is a dying institution. If you’d like some PROOF of this, refer to a study recently published in The Christian Post:



  4. It is understood by all humans everywhere that there is both good and evil in the universe. Since that is the case there has to be something or someone who originated good and an opposer who originated evil. They didn’t just occur on their own. God and his enemy Satan are not “scientific” beings, they’re spiritual beings who can use science as their tools, just like man uses science as a tool. Man does not know everything and his knowledge of science is incomplete. Wiccans such as yourself claim Satan cannot be proven scientifically, but can you prove scientifically that everything is a god? What is your definition of god? Can you prove that Satan does not exist? Even if you try to come up with some scientific hypothesis, I can always respond that science is an incomplete field and what you think is true today can be disproven in the future.

    Isn’t this why scientists back in the 80s and part of the 90s told us not to eat eggs, then later claimed that we can eat eggs in moderation? One minute we’re told to eat carbohydrates, then the next minute we’re told to avoid carbohydrates. Science is like shifting sand–if you build a house on it, sooner or later it will cave in. It can only be trusted to a certain point. Science is good for some practical purposes in the material, physical world but science was never created to explain everything that is spiritual. Spiritual beings can do things which defy scientific laws.

    You accuse me of “circular reasoning” but Wiccans believe in reincarnation which is a form of circular reasoning that claims a person repeats life over and over in different bodily forms that are based on what they did in a previous life. Wiccans think timelines are circular, or cyclical, not linear.

    In case you were never informed of the population of Christians, the majority of the world’s population has never been Christian. The majority has always been pagan. Jesus Christ even said the road to righteousness that leads to heaven is narrow and there are few who go that way while the road to destruction in hell is broad and there are vast numbers who choose that road.


  5. From your comment: “You accuse me of circular reasoning…”

    And you’ve given a wonderful example of exactly what that is in your response.

    From your comment: “[B]ut Wiccans believe in reincarnation which is a form of circular reasoning that claims a person repeats life over and over in different bodily forms that are based on what they did in a previous life.”

    Any principle based on belief (what you would call “faith”) that when questioned is also defended with belief (and not fact) espouses circular reasoning. The belief in God, Satan, and Reincarnation are all beliefs – they are not facts.

    The difference between you and me? I don’t care if you believe like I do.

    I lack the delusional self-righteousness that compels you to “save humanity from eternal damnation” by spreading poorly researched half-truths about religions you know little about.

    But the real kicker is how little you know about your own religion. Christianity (for the time being) holds sway over more people than any other religion on the planet. Even if this wasn’t the case, you’d also be incorrect that “the majority has always been Pagan.” Three recent polls (based on data from 2005) say Christians comprise the largest religious segment in the world today: 33%.



    Granted this number declines daily as more and more moderates get fed up with the narrow-minded, self-loathing, myopic perspectives of “Christians” exactly like you. Do your homework before you get up on your pedestal and start spewing venom.


  6. [The difference between you and me? I don’t care if you believe like I do.]

    Apparently you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t have left your accusatory comments and jabs at me.

    [I lack the delusional self-righteousness that compels you to “save humanity from eternal damnation” by spreading poorly researched half-truths about religions you know little about.]

    But this statement of yours is self-righteous. You’re comparing yourself to me and implying your way of thinking is better than mine, that I’m not as intelligent or educated as you. I don’t have the power to save people. I’m just a person spreading what God says in his word, the Bible. No man can come to the Father (God) unless the Father draws him. Only God can save people.

    My statements are not poorly researched. The way your sources compile data is poorly researched. For one, the majority of people in the world assume that religions like the Watchtower Society, Mormonism, and Roman Catholicism are Christian denominations when, in fact, they’re pagan.

    Another mistake researchers make is the assumption that everyone who says they’re Christian is Christian. All too often, this isn’t true. Some who call themselves Christian do so based on them growing up in a “Christian” household, or that their parents are Christian, or that they go to church for Christmas, Easter, and Mother’s Day, or that they’re a member of a certain denomination. These things don’t make a person a Christian. So the so-called science of these polls is flawed.

    I’m not spewing venom. I’m just speaking the truth based on God’s word. Just because the majority of people, including yourself, don’t believe the Bible doesn’t mean it’s not true. The truth of the Bible will remain true regardless of what you think. God’s truth is not subjective or relative as some think it should be.

    The number of Christians only declines when people would rather follow what is in their evil hearts and minds instead of repenting and surrendering their lives to God’s leadership.


  7. Well said. Knowing the truth does not make us “narrow-minded, self-loathing, myopic, and delusionally self-righteous.” It makes us right. Your dissenters protest too loudly. I pray that those who hide behind their false enlightenment come to know the truth and accept Christ’s salvation before it’s too late. The time of the end is drawing closer, and so hatred towards the light intensifies. I encourage you to continue making the truth known. Out of many, perhaps one is willing.


  8. Thanks, Lu.

    I do hope that someone who is lost that visits this blog will examine themselves and come to the knowledge of the truth. You’re right that hatred towards the light of the gospel continues to increase in these end times. May God bless you.


  9. 80% of all statistics is false (Yes, that was a joke). I personally find statistics to be overrated, and completley bogus.

    For instance, there could be a survey done to see just how well women do on final exams in college courses that are dominated by mostly men. The Media could easily sway the results to say something specific, like that women did not do as well as the men did on the tests. They could say something like “50% of the women who took the ‘so and so’ final exam at this ‘so and so’ college failed.”

    Well, from those statistics, it would seem that women were not meant to be in that career field. However, there could of simply been only 2 women out of a class of 100 students who took the test. One woman failed, the other passed, techniqely that would be 50%. But researchers commonly hide these numbers to make their statistics appear like a big deal.

    Anyways, the point of this comment is simply to show that Jerome M’s ‘33%’ statistic is insane. It would be so easy to get those results through a deceptive means (perhaps they took surveys from areas in the world that had more Christian people… instead of taking a fair and equal sample across the globe).

    Harry, keep up the good work. People need to hear God’s Truth. Those who don’t accept it can’t handle it, therefore condeming themselves to eternal damnation.


  10. I believe that the reason which Jerome M was correcting you was NOT to try to convert you; however, it was to clear the name of Wicca, which has been slandered to such a ridiculous extent throughout the years that it can hardly be said without somebody yelling “Satan!”. And I’m sure that you will agree that this is the case, as you’ve made several blatant statements all across your website that Wicca and Satanism are in fact, one in the same. Christians speak of persecution…take a look at yourselves. How about take heed to the words of your “Christ” when he states “Let he who is without sin throw the first stone.” (John 8:7)… if I’m not mistaken.

    And I’m sure that you will be the first to admit that you are without sin, correct?

    I don’t wish to deface you; all I ask is that you maybe don’t promote the misrepresentation that Wicca is a sinister belief. Leave that talk to when you are referring to the Satanists; I’m sure that they will have no quarrel about it.

    Blessed be


  11. Aethyr,

    Since you aren’t a Christian, I’m not surprised that you misquoted the scripture about Jesus telling us not to throw stones. My pointing out the fact that Wicca is, in fact, sinister has nothing to do with throwing stones. The context of the scripture you misquoted happened when a bunch of self-righteous men wanted to put to death an adulterous woman they had obviously entrapped. The Mosaic law called for both the adulterous man and adulterous woman to be punished, but when they only brought the woman, they broke the law. Furthermore, they all had committed sins that were worthy of severe punishment, but acted as if they didn’t.

    I have never on this blog portrayed myself as self-righteous. I’ve proclaimed what God’s word says in comparison to lies taught by Wiccans. I haven’t thrown any stones to try to ruin anyone’s life, but instead have proclaimed the truth with the hope that people will repent of their sins and embrace Jesus Christ so they can have life more abundantly.

    Furthermore, I have the God-given right to proclaim the truth whether you or anyone else likes it or not. What God wants from me totally trumps what you want me to stop doing. I must obey God rather than men. So if you want to keep being deceived about your sins by telling yourself there’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing, you’re perfectly entitled to deceive yourself.

    Once again, I rebuke your “blessed be” in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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