God throughout the Bible spoke through his prophets to prove he was the only god.  He always foretold the future through them to verify who he was, to prove to the people that those who spoke were true prophets, and to draw mankind to worship him only.  The 100% accuracy of the hundreds (possibly thousands) of prophecies in the Bible that came true are proof Yahweh is the God of truth.  Not even Nostradamus can match this record!   Here are ten of those prophecies and the years they were fulfilled:

  1. Predicted ca. 855 BC: The prophet Elijah predicts Jezebel would be eaten by dogs upon her death in Jezreel. (1 Kings 21:23)– Fulfilled ca. 841 BC: Jezebel is killed in Jezreel and dogs eat her body (2 Kings 9:36).
  2. Predicted ca. 760 BC: Amos predicts Israel would be restored as a nation and would never be uprooted again (Amos 9:15)–Fulfilled in 1948.
  3. Predicted ca 732 BC: Isaiah predicts the Medo-Persian empire will conquer Babylon [Isaiah 13:17-18] and Babylon would become a wasteland.–Fulfilled in 538 BC when the Medes took over Babylon  and 275 BC when the Seleucids forced all of the inhabitants to leave.
  4. Predicted ca. 732 BC: Isaiah says Egypt and Ethiopia would be conquered by Assyria (Isaiah 20:3-5).–Fulfilled ca. 673-670 BC when Assyria conquers the northeast African nations.
  5. Predicted ca. 701 BC:  Isaiah claims Israel will be taken captive by the Babylonian empire (Isaiah 39).–Fulfilled ca. 597 & 586 BC: Babylon takes captives and sacks Jerusalem the first time then totally destroys Jerusalem about 10 years later.
  6. Predicted ca. 589 BC:  Ezekiel tells about the fall of the great city Tyre, claiming that the Lord “will cause many nations to come up against thee,” (Ezekiel 26, 27).–Fulfilled in 586-573 BC: Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon lays siege against the city. Fulfilled in 370s BC: a king of Cyprus conquers the city.  Fulfilled in 332 BC: Alexander the Great conquers the city.  Fulfilled in 315-316 BC: Antigonus, who served under Alexander, attacks and conquers the city.  Fulfilled in 1124: The city falls to the Crusaders. Fulfilled in 1291: The city falls to the Muslim armies of the Mameluks.
  7. Predicted ca. 543 BC: Daniel tells of a great Grecian king who would conquer the Persian empire but would have his kingdom divided four ways after his death (Daniel 8).–Fulfilled in 330 BC when Alexander the Great defeats Persia and 281 BC after the Greek generals who succeed Alexander reach an agreement after years of war to split the kingdom four ways.
  8. Predicted ca. 536 BC:  Daniel prophesies that the Greek empire would not go to Alexander the Great’s heirs (Daniel 11).–Fulfilled ca. 323-281 BC after Alexander’s death when his generals fight over the kingdom while shutting out (and killing) his heirs.
  9. Predicted ca. 430 BC: Malachi prophesies that Yahweh’s name would be honored by the Gentiles (pagans) (Malachi 1:11).–Fulfilled 1st century AD to the present:  Pagans worldwide have forsaken their paganism and have confessed that Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father.
  10. Predicted ca. 30 AD:  Jesus tells his disciples that they will be persecuted and hated by the majority of the people on the earth because they follow him (Matthew 24:9).–Fulfilled 1st century AD to the present:  Ever since the gospel of Jesus Christ has been preached, millions of true Christians worldwide have been mistreated or killed for the faith.

“I am God, and there is none like me.  Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:” (Isaiah 46:10-11).

For various prophecies that Jesus Christ predicted that have been fulfilled see Events predicted by Christ that have really happened.

–posted by Harry A. Gaylord–

Additional Fulfilled Prophecies (Note: As I continue to study the Bible & discover even more fulfilled prophecies, I’ll mention them here.)

Predicted ca. 588 BC: Ezekiel prophesied that once Egyptians would return from Babylonian captivity after 40 years to inhabit Egypt again, they would be the “basest of the kingdoms” and would “no more rule over the nations.” (Ezekiel 29:15) — Fulfilled in 548 BC when an exiled pharaoh struck a deal with the reigning Babylonian king that allowed him to return with his people to Egypt (Source: Nebuchadnezzar Inscription, annals of the Babylonian kings). From 548 BC to the time of its annexation in 30 BC into the Roman Empire, Egypt slowly diminished until it no longer ruled any nation, including up to today.

Predicted ca. 586 BC: Ezekiel 37:22 predicts that after their Babylonian captivity, Israel would never be divided into two nations again as it had been in the past with a northern kingdom (Israel) and a southern kingdom (Judah). — Fulfilled in 538 BC & again in 1948: Both times that Israel has returned as a nation, they have never been two divided nations.

Predicted ca. 690 BC: The prophet Isaiah predicts in a Messianic prophecy that the Chinese would come to the Messiah, when he says, “Behold, these shall come from far: and, lo, these from the north and from the west; and these from the land of Sinim,” Isaiah 49:11. The land of Sinim is China. Fulfilled ca. 4 BC & again in late 60s to early 70s AD to today: When the wise men came from the east (an approximate 2 year journey that probably included men from China) in 4 BC to worship the toddler Jesus and again later when the apostle Thomas visited China from India to spread the gospel before he was martyred in India in AD 72. Proof from Chinese tombstone carvings dating back to AD 86 depicting Bible stories from Genesis to Jesus confirm Christianity reached China’s shores in the first century and today the Chinese church is booming.

Predicted 6th century BC: The prophet Obadiah prophesies the following about the Edomites, who helped Babylon destroy Jerusalem: For thy violence against thy brother Jacob shame shall cover thee, and thou shalt be cut off for ever.And they of the south shall possess the mount of Esau …” (Obad. 10, 19). Fulfilled 70 AD: The Edomite/Idumeans become extinct after Rome annihilates them in the Jewish Wars when Roman armies destroy Israel. After the Jewish Wars, the Nabataeans possess the mount of Esau. They were Arabians, people to the south of Edom, and the Arabians have inhabited it ever since. Today it’s the southern region of the nation of Jordan. [added 8-31-2014]

Predicted 487 BC: Zechariah prophesies that by the time Jerusalem will be restored to the holiness that God intends for it during Christ’s Millenial Reign, no Canaanites would be left living in Jerusalem or in Judah. (Zech. 14:21) Fulfilled 70 AD: The last remaining Canaanites who had assimilated into living among the Jews in Jerusalem died when Titus sieged against and then razed Jerusalem. This race of people is now extinct. [added 10-12-14]

Predicted ca. 10th century BC: Psalm 120:5-7 predicted that the Russians (Mesech) and the Arabians (Kedar) would be a people that hate peace and embrace war. Fulfilled in 600s AD to the present for Arabia: When the Arabian prophet Muhammad spread his new religion of Islam, he used wars to do it and his followers have been warring ever since. Fulfilled in the 9th century to the present for Russia: Warring Slavic tribes slowly expand territory until the fall of Constantinople in 1453 when they declared themselves the heirs and successors of the Eastern Roman Empire, expanding their lands even more to what we know as Russia today. And they continue to war today. Their ultimate war will come in the future as prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 when they will lead a group of nations to fight Israel. [added 2-23-15]

Predicted ca. 545 BC: Daniel predicts that four major kingdoms/empires would rise up with prominence before the return of Jesus Christ, the Ancient of days. The first was like a lion, the second like a bear, the third like a winged leopard, and the fourth a beast with iron teeth. Fulfilled: The first is Great Britain, the second is Russia, the third is the Germany/France alliance. The fourth will be fulfilled in the future as the revived Roman Empire. [added 4-2-16]

Predicted ca. 630 BC: God told the prophet Zephaniah, “From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my suppliants, even the daughter of my dispersed, shall bring mine offering,” (Zeph. 3:10). Fulfilled late 1970s–present: Starting with the administration of Israeli Prime Minister Menachim Begin in 1977, thousands of Ethiopian Jews began migrating to Israel and continuing up to today, Ethiopian Jews have migrated to Israel with Israel’s help. Many of them are Christian and although that group has had many hardships in Israel, many of them remain devoted to the Lord. [added 4-8-16]

Predicted 95 AD: John tells us in Revelation 11:8 that by the time of the great tribulation, Jerusalem will be spiritually known as “Sodom and Egypt.” — Fulfilled 1988–present: Israel legalized sodomy in 1988 and now has one of the most progressive gay rights agendas in the world. Jerusalem now has large gay pride celebrations on a regular basis. [added 5-7-16]

Predicted 95 AD: Revelation 13 predicts that a mandatory system will be set up where people will only be allowed to participate in commerce if they have a mark in their right hands or foreheads. Partially fulfilled 2000s–present: Systems are now in place that allow humans to implant microchips in their bodies, setting the stage for the future mark of the beast John predicted in Rev. 13. [added 5-22-16]

Predicted 10th century BC: Asaph the seer in Psalm 83 predicted a conglomerate of nations (each one specifically named) would start a war with Israel to destroy them as a nation. Fulfilled May 1948: When Lebanon (Gebal), Syria (Tyre), Iraq (Assur), Egypt with Saudi Arabia’s help (Ishmael, Hagarenes), and Transjordan (Ammon, Moab, Amalek) all joined forces as soon as Israel was declared a Jewish State in an attempt to annihilate them. The prophecy will be fulfilled again at a later date. [added 3-8-17]