They may be witnesses–but not for Jehovah (updated 3/2/08)

Jehovah’s Witnesses (the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of PA) got its start in the 1870s by Charles Taze Russell in Pittsburgh, PA.  They were originally called Zion’s Watch Tower and Tract Society, but Joseph Franklin Rutherford (the second leader of their organization) gave them the name Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1931.  Here are some of their heretical beliefs compared to the truth as found in God’s word:

  • They created their own version of the Bible to take out words that disagree with their doctrine and to add words that agree with their doctrine.  It is known  as the New World Translation.
  • God says no one should add to or take away from his words (Deuteronomy 4:2; Proverbs 30:5-6; Revelation 22:18-19).
  • They believe Jesus Christ returned to earth in 1914 in invisible form.
  • God’s word says when Christ returns to earth, every eye will see him (Matthew 24:30; Revelation 1:7).
  • They deny there is a Trinity.
  • The Bible says there is one God who manifests himself in three persons (1 John 5:7).
  • They deny the Holy Spirit is a person.
  • God’s word says the Holy Spirit is a person (John 14:26 where Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as “he”).
  • They deny Jesus Christ is God.  To them he is a created being, an angel, who came in the form of a man.  According to their publication Let God Be True, p. 33 (1952 ed.), “…he was a God (sic) but not the Almighty God, who is Jehovah…”
  • God’s word says Jesus Christ is Creator and is therefore God (John 1:1-3; Colossians 1:16).
  • According to them, Jesus was not resurrected bodily but was only resurrected as an eternal, invisible spirit.
  • According to the Bible, Christ was raised in a physical body that hundreds of his disciples saw and touched (John 20:24-28, 1 Corinthians 15:3-6).  He even ate food with his disciples after he resurrected (Luke 24:40-43; John 21:10-15) and spent 40 days walking the earth after he was raised. Furthermore, “every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world,” (1 John 4:3, emphases added).
  • They teach that only 144,000 believers will actually live in heaven while the remaining believers will live in a paradise on earth established by Christ.
  • God’s word says that there will be so many saints in heaven that no man can number them (Revelation 7:9).
  • They teach that the wicked will be annihilated (i.e. they will be wiped out of existence) when Christ establishes his paradise on earth.
  • The Bible teaches that the wicked will live forever in the lake of fire after Christ’s physical return (Revelation 21:8).
  • “Jehovah’s Witnesses” claim that hell does not exist.  “…the Bible hell is mankind’s common grave…,” according to their publication Let God Be True, p. 92.
  • God’s word says it does exist and that it’s a place of punishment for unbelievers (Isaiah 5:14; Luke 12:5).

As you can see, they may claim to be Jehovah’s witnesses, but Jehovah has nothing to do with them. (Updated March 2, 2008)

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  1. Just a clarification. Charles Taze Russell was NOT the founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. He was the founder of the Bible Students association. Joseph Rutherford, a Bible Student, founded the Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1931, after ursurping the authority of the board of Directors of the Watchtower Society.

    The Watchtower Society is a publishing house, the Jehovah’s Witnesses were NEVER called Zion’s Watch Tower and Tract Society. Members who follow the teachings of the Society were called Bible Students, there was a split in the movement in 1917 after the death of Pastor Russell. Bible Students still exist today and continue the legacy of Pastor Russell.

    Much of what the Jehovah’s Witnesses teach and believe today are directly from Mr. Rutherford. Were Pastor Russell alive today, he would not recognized the Watchtower Society he founded, in fact he would be excommunicated for his beliefs.

    Rolando Rodriguez
    Bible Student Ministries


  2. Rolando,

    The information I got was from the Encyclopedia Americana. Whether the organization calls itself Watchtower Society, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or Bible Student movement is unimportant since the point is the teachings are based on misinterpretations of God’s word or man-made fallible doctrines. Therefore, all such teachings and the organizations tied to the teachings should be rejected by anyone who believes in the true and living God who came to earth as the Lord Jesus Christ and dwells in Christ’s followers in the person of the Holy Spirit.


  3. Such is the confusion of many so called “man made religions of the world”. My question is that if such founders, whether Russell or Rutherford who made claim of prophetic statements, such as the ending of the world, and yet claim not to be a prophet. Seer’s and prophets are those given divine power to see into the future. Niether of these men claim to be given the appostleship to make such claims on behalf of Jesus Christ, therefore such claims must be inspired by Christ’s advisary. They condemn themslves by making such claims as “they were not called of God, as was Aaron (Heb 5;4) (I could name quite a few more scriptures to back my thesis) nor were any hands laid upon them by right and authority to minister among man in such a capacity. I am claiming that most all religions claim such false claims. There must be a direct link to Christ’s teachings, authority and divinity to administer in this capacity.

    I would also like to make the same argument against men such as Swaggert, Hinn, and so many more who claim to speak God’s word and turn around and take purse and script for it. They are hypocrits and I cannot follow them or believe that they are a true spoksman for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; Jehovah of the Old testament.

    Another question I have is the claim of some form of apostacy – Do you support that idea and the false corruption and design of catholocism and false christianity through good men such as Luther, Calvin and reformers as such. I don’t think they are promoting a true religion, but infact they are promoting an apostacy from the original teachings and foundation that Christ established during the meridian of time. My question is then, I can’t find the same organization that Christ established. You have some of the good points, but lack in so many more.

    Thank you


  4. Still, a little more research on the subject would have proved Mr. Rodrigiuez’s observation as correct. He’s just trying to “shed light on the subject as it were. I personally appreciate it. Agape.


    1. Jesus is the son of the True God. Read John 17 the whole chapter. Jesus is God in his nature as you and me are humans in our nature. However The True God who created the world through Christ is not the same as Christ.


      1. Anyone who is truly Christian knows that the Godhead is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. These three are one, the Trinity. The Father is God, the Son is God, the Holy Ghost is God. Please spare us your false gospel.


  5. Dear Sir,
    Greetings to you.I write to request for your available chritian literature and bible-based
    articles,magazine,booklets etc.
    I am interested in bible literature that will help me in my understanding of Bible truths. I will appreciate

    your help for literature on Bible teachings,doctrines,christian living,spiritual growth,bible

    prophecies,Israel,Middles east,Europe in Bible prophecies,other issues on Marriage and Family
    Life,Christian parenting,christian youths,christians in the Campus world,Doctrinal beliefs of first
    century christians,Falacies of humanism,evolution, and new age movement,Cults and False Religions,

    The Da Vinci Code,The
    God delusion,and any available topics of biblical interest.I am a student and I love to study and
    understand the truths of the Bible so as to know and do God’s will in this dangerous world.
    Moreso, I have some bible questions included below that I will be most grateful to get a biblical
    answers to them,preferably a printed and detailed answers. I will be appreciate your invaluable
    assistance and I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you and God bless you.
    Yours sincerely,

    My Questions that I desire bible-based answer to
    1. What happens to a baby or a young child when they die. I need a biblical examination of this
    2. What is true biblical viewpoint on the Godhead,Nature of the Holy Spirit, the Trinity,?
    3. Is the bible against christians getting involved in politics,wars and nationalism issues?
    4. How true is the claims of the books- the Da Vinci code, The God Delusion etc?
    5. Is it really true that christians today are not keep the seventh day sabbath and what is biblical basis

    for christian worship on Sunday?
    6. Was the instrument of Jesus’death the traditional cross or was the cross a vertical pole?
    7. How true is the claim that early do not observe Easter,christmas,Lent and what is the basis for the
    observance of these events today?
    8. Do Prophets and apostles exist today?


  6. Femi,

    Here are the answers to your questions:

    1. You can find the answer to this question here:

    2. God is manifested in three persons, but he is one God. The scriptures tell us that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit raised Christ from the dead, so they are all the same (see John 2:18-22; Acts 5:30, Romans 8:10-11). It also says all three of them played a part in creation (see Genesis 1:1-2; John 1:1). Also look at 1 John 5:7 in the Authorised Version (King James) for the ultimate statement about the Godhead. Other versions either omit this passage or question it as being valid. Jesus tells us what the Holy Spirit does in John 16:7-11.

    3. The New Testament has several people who worked for the government or had political offices, but they never had to give up their offices for being Christians such as the centurion whose servant was healed (Matthew 8:5-13); the Philippian jailer (Acts 16:27-34); and Sergius Paulus (Acts 13:6-12).

    4. I have only heard about some of the plot lines of the Da Vinci Code and the statements about Jesus Christ marrying Mary Magdalene and having children with her are completely false or that the Catholic Church is involved in covering up this information is also false. Any book which claims that the Bible has false information or makes one question its truthfulness is itself false and is influenced by Satan, who influenced Adam and Eve to sin when he questioned what God told them.

    5. Most Christians today do not keep the seventh day sabbath (Saturday) and based on what we are told by the apostles in the New Testament, we don’t have to. The apostles and elders in Acts wrote to the churches in Acts 16 to tell them what their obligations were as Christians when they were questioned about being circumcised and keeping the law, including the sabbath (Acts 16:22-29). Nowhere in their letter was the obligation to keep the sabbath. Paul even seemed to speak against people judging us if we choose not to observe sabbaths (see Colossians 2:16).

    Part of the reason why modern churches worship on Sunday is because this is what was mandated by Constantine when he established the false religious system of Roman Catholicism, which was paganism dressed up to look like Christianity, to honor his sun god Baal, or Sol. However, worshipping on the first day of the week has some merit since it was the day of the week when Christ resurrected and the believers gathered to fellowship on that day (see Acts 20:7, 1 Corinthians 16:2). The apostle John even referred to it as the Lord’s day (see Revelation 1:10).

    6. The cross on which he was crucified was probably in the form of the English lower case “t” as is shown traditionally. This is the only way they could have placed a sign right above his head as stated in Matthew 27:37. A vertical pole would mean that his hands would have to be nailed above his head and no sign would have been placed there.

    7. Early Christians did not celebrate Lent, Easter, or Christmas because neither Christ nor his apostles gave us commandment to do so. These holidays were pagan celebrations dressed up to look like Christianity under the false religious Roman Catholic system. Romans 14 and Colossians 2 tell us that we should not judge others’ love for God based on whether or not they observe such religious rituals established by the world’s principles.

    8. Yes, they do, but not in the sense of them writing any more scriptures. They exist to edify the church and to preach the gospel. Otherwise, how would we have the 144,000 Christian Jews and the two witnesses who prophesy that are talked about in Revelation which haven’t happened yet? Paul told us that we should desire to prophesy in the church in 1 Corinthians 14:39 and Joel 2:28-29 never implies a date as to when prophecies and dreams given to believers is supposed to end during the last days.

    As for the literature you requested, I don’t have anything that I can send you but I would recommend the following websites that can help you out in your understanding:


  7. I was a Buddhist and now a christian because of Jehovah’s witnesses.I had asked each and every one of the above questions from the witness who explained me straight from the St.James version of the Bible and the New Standard Version to my entire satisfaction. Therefore I believe that only Jehovah’s witnesses can answer you correctly. Why not you people eat the cake and find the taste of it yourselves rather than being mislead by anybody.


  8. Christ was resurrected as a spirit being and he thereafter materialize(put on human body,not the one he sacrifice) hence his apostles could see him and dine with him.Christ empty himself and sacrificed that body on our behalf.Being ressurected in that same body will be counterproductive to the Ransom he provided.Have you read in the gospel that when he was discussing with his disciple on the way to Emmaus they did not recognize him?


    1. Philip, by saying he was only resurrected as a spirit, you have shown you have the spirit of antichrist. The scriptures say, “And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world,” 1 John 4. The verb “come” here not only refers to one who arrived, but also refers to one who has returned. Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures nor the power of God. When Jesus resurrected, no body was left in the tomb. Spirits who come back still have their bodies left in the grave. When Jesus resurrected, his body bore the physical evidence of his crucifixion.


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