Christian symbolism in the breastplate of judgment–chapters 11 & 12

The Christian’s conversion, two natures, spiritual covering, and God’s continual blessings are a few things we see represented by Joseph and the Onyx.

In Benjamin and the Jasper, we get a glimpse of our spiritual perfection, God’s divine order, persistence in righteousness, and the fact that we are God’s beloved.  The word jasper is iaspis in the Greek and is a compound word combining ias which has to do with curing, healing, and making whole and pis which has the idea of persuading, trusting, assuring, and believing. The word can be taken to mean “healed in believing”, “cured by trusting”, or something similar. Our sin-sick souls are made whole by trusting in the Lord (Is. 53:5; 1 Pet. 2:24).

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